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tv   ABC9 News at 6pm  ABC  March 1, 2016 6:00pm-6:30pm CST

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back contests in both nevada and south carolina. tonight her rival, bernie sanders, is hoping for a win in his home state of vermont. we now turn you over to abc news' george stephanopoulos for the latest results this super tuesday. -no countdown- george stephanopoulos with super tuesday coverage jenna: as we just heard,
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pouring in for several states. tim: on the democratic side of the field clinton winning georgia and virginia and sanders winning his home state tim:
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for in depth political coverage of super tuesday. you can catch that again at 9pm right here on abc9 jenna: folks in orange city are voting today on a bond folks in orange city are voting today on a bond issue that would help the city's fire department. the orange city fire department is looking to expand and upgrade their facilities. the project will cost over 3- point-5 million dollars. and if the issue passes tonight, 2- point-7 million of that amount will come from orange city taxpayers. "the city has been growing by leaps and bounds and we have not kept up with the fire station. they're in dire need of more space so i'm hoping this passes." says orange city resident bill muilenburg. jenna: the expansion is aiming to improve the department's five stations who say they are in dire need of space and equipment to properly decontaminate their fire suits.
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news tonight at ten for the results from orange city's bond issue vote. tim: orange city native skylar wheeler is the first iowa candidate to file nomination paperwork at the iowa secretary of state's office. today is the first official filing day for candidates. wheeler is looking to a 4th district seat soon to be left open by representative john kooiker, who will not be seeking another term. tim: a year ago iowa lawmakers approved a 10 cent increase in the states gas tax. something that hadn't happen in nearly 26 years. jenna: abc9's jess plue talked to county engineers to find out what local improvements have come about because of the tax hike. she reports live from downtown sioux city jess: tim, jenna, legislation had been trying to increase a tax on gas prices since 1989 and just last year today, a ten cent increase was implemented at gas stations just like this one. the extra 1.2 million dollars raised has been nothing
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with road system repairs. "for the first time in my 32 years of doing this i didn't have to drop or delay any projects to make that happen," says mark nahra, woodbury county engineer. what he's talking about happening are the several addional road systems projects that have been added to five- year completion plans by the woodbury county engineering company. of these projects are a 10 mile resurfacing plan for gravel roads and repairs for 2 short span bridges in woodbury county. "the current generation of bridges we're working on had a 50 year design life so when you think about it, a significant portion of our bridges are either at or exceeding that design life." says mark nahra, woodbury county engineer. bridges like this one are to be replaced by culverts like this one. and gravel roads that are sunken in due to seasonal weathering will take priority in getting resurfaced. "we're trying to do 80 miles per year or 20 miles per over the next 5 to 10 years we hope to hit the full cycle of our gravel roads," says mark nahra, woodbury county engineer. as for the increase's effect on drivers choosing to travel... "no, not really it didn't affect me or my family but it did go down a little bit," says jake jaminet, a sioux city resident.
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that with the state gas price average already so low, they really didn't notice the increase apart from any of the other day to day gas price fluctuatio jess: while drivers here didn't mind spending a few extra of these little guys... (dime), the repairs are greatly appreciated by those traveling on the affected roadways. although there is still a large deficit in funds for repairing roads and bridges, there is no talk at this time about another tax increase. reporting live from downtown sioux city, jess plue abc9 news jenna: students at clay central everly high school had to be evacuated from the school building todaybecause of a bomb threat. according to police, a threatening message was found written on a bathroom stall which prompted the building to be cleared around 9 oclock this morning. three area law enforcement agencies and the algona bomb k-9
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building before students were let back in about 1:30. the clay county sheriff's office is continuing to investigate the message. charges could be filed if the suspect is identified. tim: a summer entertainment business may be shutting down before the season even arrives. pipe dream, locacad in rural plymouth county and known primarily for its tubing adventures and live concerts recently learned it's request for a conditional use permit was being denied. the recreational business offering tubing for 7 years.... was denied a permit because of what board members call "safety concern" bas off of complaints made to the plymouth county sheriff's office. "in the last year, maybe a year or year in a half, we've had complaints of noise and the sheriff has said there's been complaints about underage drinking and intoxication there," says anderson. tim: according to the sheriff's office,
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according to the sheriff's office, only one neighbor has called in to complain about the noise. coming up tonight at 10, hear from brandon bradshaw, the owner of pipe dream and what he thinks of board's decision. tim: coming up after a disheartening season just 4 years ago, we take a look at how adam woodbury and mike gisell helped the hawkeyes turn things around. more on the sioux crew after the break .. (fred) expect teens tonight, and while tomorrow will be warmer, we have a chance of a light rain/snow mix in the afternoon. 60s will be here by sunday, though! see you after the break for the forecast!
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story of the sioux crew ....sioux city east's adam woodbury y
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committed to iow when the hawkeye program was descending in the wrong direction. when this duo arrived in iowa city, they turned the team around. now four years later, they are set to play indiana on senior night. here's what the guys had to say when asked to reflect on their careers at iowa. "that's one of my favovote accomplishmentnt so far to be able to ok back and say that we made an impact on the program and we made strides each and every year." "its been surreal. i couldnt have asked for a better experience that i have had. hopefully, they see me as a winner a guy that laid it on the court every night out and tried to play as hard as possible." tim: tune in tonight at 10 as abc9 sports director chris palmquist brings us the full story of the "sioux crew." tim/jenna/fred (tim) fred, when is it going to warm up? (fred) tomorrow will be a
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have 60s next week! fred hexom fhexom@kcautv.c om (fred) the hd radar shows quiet weather locally, as expected, most of the snow fell to the north and east last night. amounts of 1" were common across northwest iowa, while along and d north of interstste 90 in south dakota and minnnnota, 2-4" were common in the darker blues. a time lapse of the port neal welding company skycam hd from the ho chunk centre. the sun finally came out! 28 was the high today--12 below normal--and 19 the low. 25 is our temperature in sioux city. notice the dew point of 11--that means the air is dry and will allow for easy cooling into the teens tonight. local temperatures are in the teens and 20s. winds are northwest at 5 to 15 miles per hour. we're in the freezer, but warmer temperatures aren't far away--we have 50s in western nebraska. we'll warm up a bit tomorrow as the milder a a works our way. the satellite and radar shows the decreasing cloud trend today, but there are more clouds west of us. those will move in later tonight along with the warmer air. the stormcast hd shows another upper level system moving in tomorrow afternoon and
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chance of light rain and/or snow. little to no snow accumulation is expected for the majority of the abc9viewing area. the snow forecast shows a dusting of snow northeast tomorrow evening. the forecast for tonight is for a low of 14 with increasing clouds. tomorrow, expect a high of 49 and mostly cloudy skies. we have a chance of light rain and snow in the afternoon and evening. the 7-day forecast shows quiet weather through thursday through saturday, then a big warp to the 60s sunday, monday, and tuesday. tonight's ask fred prize is 4 tickets to muskies vs. fargo! to enter, email or facebook your
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winning question on abc9 news at0. i spoke to the sloan ad start 3 and 4 year olds in sioux city today! we had a lot of fun. thanks for having me. jenna/tim/fred (jenna) thanks, fred. (fred)d) you bet. jenna:
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a couple of big bills have hit south dakota governor dennis daugaard's desk. details on how schools could be affected
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schools has made its way to governor dennis daugaard's desk. jenna: and today on the deadline for the governor to make his decision, dennis daugaard vetoededhe transgender bill the bill cauaung a lot of controversy, especially among the l-g-b-t-q community. the proposed law would have required transgender students to use bathrooms and locker rooms matching the sex assigned to them at birth. and would have been the first law of its kind in the u-s tim: and the south dakota senate decided today to pass a proposed half cent sales tax statewide, that would aid the governor's plan to improve acher pay. the bill would go to the governor's desk, who's already expressed his support in increasing south dakota's teacher pay, which is the lowest in the nation. jenna: at the iowa state
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olympics iowa athletes gathered in the rotunda to get lawmakers to sign a pledge against the "r-word" when describing people with intellectual disabiliities "it would be a dream if this was on longer around and people would only use the word "respect" and treat everybody the same way no tter who they are or what they look l le." it's all part of the national "spread the word to end the word" campaign to stop the use of a word. here in sioux city at west middle school, a rally to help support that very cause will be held. that's at 7:30 tomorrow morning tim: coming up in sports...sioux center began play at the state tournament for just the third time in school history. stay tuned for their highlights th nevada. tim: plus...cherokee and pocahontas opened tournament play in the 3a quarters earlier today. find out if the ladies
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has emerged as one of the highest-flying teams in class 3a. the braves average 75 points per game, good for second in the class. abc9 sports director chris palmquist has more on cherokee as they begin tournament play. chris palmquist--"alex, over the past three years, cherokee has seen its w total increase from seven to fourteen to twenty two this season. today, the braves made their first appearance at the state tournament since 2005. number four cherokee, certainly looking pretty loose as they get ready to take on sixth ranked osage. off the rebound...payton slaughter with the long outlet ahead to paityn hagberg for the lay in...cherokee withth 9 point lead. . lateten the half...kaely hummel, picks the poet and takes itll the way for the layup...the braves forced 22 turnovers in the game and led it 39-35 at the half. ahead to the fourth, osage with a 2 point lead but check out the play from slaughter...first the
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how gets the circus shot to fall...we're tied up late. under 20 seconds to play, osage got back within one, but slaughter and hummel team up to seal it...they combinin for 48 points tonight and cherokee is into the semis, 72-67. payton slaughter--"the beginning of the season we struggled trying to finish and everything. but i feel like lately we've been really getting at it. we're in the huddle saying we've gotta go, we've gotta get a lead here." kaely hummel--"it feels so good. i think we've worked so hard for this opportunity to get re and we're not satisfied. we're ready for the next game." chris palmquist--"defendin g state runners up pocahontas area trying to get back to saturday night. in the second meyer, one of a talented core of juniors connects on the 3, it's 30-15 then it's the state's leading scorer...elle ruffridge, actually below her average with 24 today, but the indians roll into the semis, 83-43." elle ruffridge--"we're hot, we feel really good. we've been working toward this a long time and it feels greato to be back here and playing with these girls." chris palmquist--"in
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palmquist, abc9 sports." alex thanks chris, on the bottom half of the 3a bracket...sioux center is back at state for the third time in school history. the warriors made trips in 1927.....and 2004, making today their first tournament game in 12 years. sioux center with a tough draw in the 3a e defending champs from nevada. first possession of the game though...katie te grotenhuis...hits the triple...the warriors take a one point lead early. then shayla post comes off the bench and provides an instant spark...her three pointer makes it 10-2 and forces a nevada time out. in the second...lexi toering...sees a path and she doesn't hesitate...the basket and the bonus gives the warriors a 19-12 advantage. late in the quarter...jordyn van maanen, finds toering inside...this was all knotted up at half, but sioux center is down late in this one. out in nebraska....we have three trips to state up for grgrs in classes a and d..... norfolk visits lincoln east in the class a---district 5
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been to lincoln six of the past seven seasons. and in class d....wynot and walthill have chances to advance as well. tune in at 10 for all of the action. in the gpac....morningsid e's jessica tietz has been named the conference player of the week. the senior from bancroft scored 28 points against briar cliff on saturday, sending tonight's gpac title game. ranked number one, a ain tonight would give morningside a nice boost heading into the national tournament. "oh man if we could just win it again flat would mean a lot and have a lot of motivation for us girls right now and just give us more of a push." morningside hosts dakota wesleyan in this evening's title game. across town, briar cliff battles nebraska wesleyan in the men's championship. we will have the ghlights from both games
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today's picture comes from...the office of sen. bill anderson... it's school choice day at the state house in des moines. sen anderson and rep.chuck holz, meeting with students from st. mary's high school in remsen... if you're like to submit a facebebk n photo, just st it on our abc-9 facebook page. jenna/tim/chris/fred: (fred) the forecast for tonight is for a low of 14 with increasing clouds. tomorrow, expect a high of 49 and mostly cloudy skies. we have a
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afternoon and evening. the 7-day forecast shows quiet weather through thursday through saturday, then a big warmup to the 60s sunday, monday, and tuesday. tonight's ask fred prize is 4 tickets to muskies vs. fargo! to enter, email or facebook your weather question. i'll answer the winning question on abc9 news at 10. i spoke to the sloan head start 3 and 4 year olds in sioux city today! we had a lot of fun. thanks
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mcwd erin andrews back on the stand defending her good name. >> i felt like everybody was looking at me li they have seen the video. s she said she was so depresseshe thought help from a therapist.t. >> talk to someone like iam so screwed up. >> then, secret service smack down. who was at fau? what this former agent is sayi today. >> and first lady melania. donald trump's wife. her days as a model. >> she is not a barbara bush. >> could your ambulance driver be a predator? >> vulrable women molested in the back of an ambulance by a paramedic. >> the look in his eyes i will never forget.


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